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Show History

Workshop Showing –
-HEYwire Theatre 2023
-NextFest Festival 2022

Ottawa Fringe
June 15th – 25th 2023



Edmonton Fringe
August 17th – 27th 2023



★★★★★ “Huge talent” – Edmonton Journal


Must see show… Spot on comedy” 

APT613 Review


Poignant and richly realized”

Intermission Magazine Review


Surreal and engaging” 
Ottawa Festival Review


Articles & Interviews


CBC Radio – All In A Day w/Alan Neal


Edifyedmonton – Clowning around with Lauren Brady

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Show History

Skirts A Fire Festival 2023

Common Clown Festival 2022



“Coming from someone who doesn’t startle easily, I now realize that it was only after she reeled me in with her sweet bubbly energy was she able to simultaneously pull the rug out from underneath me and the rest of the audience and make us all collectively jump in the same moment. To say that I’m seriously impressed would be an understatement, bravo. “

-Kylie Wayne


“Lauren never ceases to amaze me. Her performance as Teddy Bear is both creative and captivating.” 

-Maria Pottle



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Show History


Play the Fool 2022



“Lauren creates a new intriguing mode of storytelling with her exploration of dance and clown.” 

– Erin Pettifor



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