The Jungle Book – December 1st – 31st
Presented by Alberta Theatre Projects 


This holiday season, escape into the jungles of India with this vibrant reimagining of the legend of the boy raised by wild animals. Mowgli lives by the law of the jungle, where survival depends not only on strength and courage but on wisdom and reliance on the wolf pack for survival. When a confrontation with a dangerous tiger isolates Mowgli, he is forced to confront the truth: is he a man-cub or a human? Caught between two worlds, with the support of his friends, Mowgli must search for his sense of self in a quest to discover where he truly belongs.


Tickets: https://albertatheatreprojects.com/whats-on/the-jungle-book/

Cut the cake or take the cut cake.


 | CANADA | YOUTH | WORLD  PREMIERE – November 26th
Strobe Warning


What will Sue do when she is overcome with anxiety as she meets the ultimate dilemma at the office birthday party? Will she just cut the cake? Or take the cut cake and RUN.


Director & Editor – Thomas Kassian
Choreographer & Writer – Lauren Brady
Sue: Lauren Brady
Office Workers: Candice Holloway, Hamna Tahir, Roxie Malone, Brynn Kassian, Douglas Macdonald, Gavin Wilkes
Production Assistant: Zachary Strom
Colourist: Cameron McCutcheon


Special thanks to: Vertical City and Creative Cottage


Tickets: http://www.f-o-r-m.ca/2022-schedule/2022/10/17/commissioned-artists-world-premieres-live-artist-talkback


onPOINT – September 25th 2022


Created & Performed – Lauren Brady 
Coach – Christine Lesiak

Presented– Play the Fool – Rookie Cabaret 2022

onPOINT is a reimagining of the classic ballet Swan Lake through clown and classical ballet. Lauren uses the themes of Swan Lake to outline gender stereotypes still placed on women in society today.


Watch Odette re-discover her story and reminisce on the good old days. Will Odette remember her story and find true love, or get further lost in her disillusions?


Tickets: https://playthefool.ca/event/the-rookie-cabaret-4/

She Sat Down & Wept

Featuring the beautifulyoungartists ensemble.


Saturday, June 25, 2022 – 5:00 PM, Big Secret Theatre, Arts Commons.
65 Mins.


Denise Clarke with Kunji Ikeda and a fresh new ensemble of beautifulyoungartists turn up the heat once more with the all-new production She Sat Down and Wept featuring some of Calgary’s most talented young theatre and dance artists.


Working with Elizabeth Smart’s brilliant writhing and writing as laid down in her ecstatic 1945 prose poem, “By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept”, with contemporary sound design,  the company presents a “performative conversation” that investigates, illuminates and glories in the text.


Tickets: https://www.oyr.org/our-productions/2022-she-sat 

 Common Clown Festival 2022


Late Night Cabaret  – March 11th & 12th

MediaTAKEover- clown

O.M.G, Hi There! Thank you so much for reading this and wanting to know more about my little show! Your very sweet.! Let me introduce myself:

My name is Teddy Bear, and together we are going to embark on a skincare and beauty journey. I am an aspiring beauty artist who wants to make sure you are doing everything possible to be your best self. Btw be warned I have no filter, so just know that going into the show. UGH, I am so excited to meet you. Ttyl xoxo


Created by Lauren Brady
Coached by Karen Hines


Presented by Pumphouse Theatre
Tickets: https://tickets.morpheustheatre.ca/TheatreManager/160/online?event=0


Oniros Film Awards


Best Actress – Lauren Brady 

Film – Disguise 



“A visually impressive masterpiece conceived by emerging filmmakers Jananee Rasiah and Abhilash Mathew, ‘Disguise’ is a thrilling cinematic experience telling the story of Tamara, a young woman who is entangled with a fashion cartel and played by talented actress Lauren Brady Brilliant, entertaining, outstanding in every aspect, ‘Disguise’ is a film that you really shouldn’t miss.”


Path of Resilience


Article written by Lauren Brady 

Featured in - Shakespeares Hunnies

Lauren writes about her experience graduating from a performance degree during covid.

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