As a creator Lauren is fascinated by exploring how emotional impulses can be expressed through the body to further storytelling. Her creation process is a mixture of devised theatre practise, clown, and dance techniques. Lauren is known for her work combining contemporary dance and Pochinko clown. She has created several works in festivals across Alberta. Selected creation credits include, BREAKing up (Nextfest Festival), Marilyn (Still here), LOST IN CONNECTION (Fluid Fest), theBYSTANDER (Nextfest Festival).


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Lauren Brady CV 2021


BREAKing up – Nextfest Festival

Created, Edited & Performed – Lauren Brady
Filmed -Thomas Kassian


We live in an ever-changing world where the only way we can stay connected to our friends, family, and loved ones are through our devices.
How do our devices affect our mentality? BREAKing up explores the themes of technology and separation anxiety attached to our devices and applications.


BREAKing up is a performance created with Pochinko clown and contemporary dance.



Created & Performed – Lauren Brady 

Sharing our thoughts and feelings through the internet have never been easier. But are our words always perceived as we intended?

Marilyn  – Still Here 


Created & Choreographed  – Lauren Brady  
Staring – Max Hanic, Zach Strom, Julia van Dam, Thomas Kassian, & Lauren Brady

Marilyn explores how the entertainment industry views happiness and the dangers when its purely connected to your work.


The cast includes four clowns and one contemporary dancer.



theBYSTANDER  – Nextfest Festival 


Created & Directed – Lauren Brady 
Staring – Max Hanic, Zach Strom, Julia van Dam, Thomas Kassian

What is the actual relationship between audience and performer? Who is truly witnessing the events? Is it the audience watching the performer and reacting, or is it the performer witnessing the reactions to their work while provoking the audience? Or is it something in between? theBYSTANDER experiments with the relationship between audience and performer by combining Pochinko clown and contemporary dance practice to see how far we can stretch the boundaries between audience and performer in dance theatre.